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LIMBO Corporation Group LATAM has more than two decades of experience offering homologation services. Our services are exclusive for Latin American regulatory compliance requirements.

We are the trusted advisers to the world’s leading telecom, ITE, and medical device manufacturers. The pressures of obtaining international approval certifications are tantamount – all the more reason you need experienced and trusted advisors on your side. We understand regulatory risks and compliance with governments better than anyone else. We have regional experts in each LATAM region. We have extensive knowledge in this field. Take the guesswork out of your approvals process – Let us help you.

About us

Our mission

We consistently maintain high standards for our services and team, and always bring the best minds from the regions we service. We give each client – regardless of company size – our relentless support. We are fiercely dedicated to the success of our clients. We are a corporation of leaders who are committed in providing our clients with high quality service.


A Team of Experts

Our team strives to uphold our company’s core values at every moment:

Focused on results

We are dedicated to guide you in obtaining the correct approval requirements for your product.

Positive Comments

We have received positive feedback from industries, laboratories, agents, etc. regarding our services.

Our commitment

We respect private and confidential information, and uphold the highest standards for protecting the information of our clients and partners.

Customer Orientation

We offer prices that are best adapted to the market and the volume of order, while maintaining the same quality of service.

Cost effectiveness

We serve to adequately guide our clients throughout the entire process.


We aim for executional excellence to produce high quality results.

Cost Conscious

We expect our team to spend the client’s and our firm’s resources as if our own resources were at stake.


we deliver the best of LIMBO to every client as cost effective as possible

What We Do

Certification approval services

Manufacturers choose to expand their products to additional countries due to increasing sales opportunities.

User manual translation service

Authorities require documents for approvals to be translated into the country’s primary language. 

With our team of experts and extensive understanding, we provide services to reduce your time-to-market. By helping you understand the complexities of regulatory risks, meet governmental approvals, and acquire the necessary certifications, we help you introduce your product to the market – easy and fast.


Each country within North America has its own unique process for product Approvals.


Each country within Central America has its own unique process for product Approvals.


Each country within South America has its own unique process for product Approvals.


Each country within the Caribbean Islands has its own unique process for product Approvals.

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As a world leader in regulatory compliance requirements in Latin America, LIMBO Corporation Group LATAM, is your trusted partner for approvals in Latin America. We bring the ultimate services in Product Testing and Approvals, Labeling Requirements, Certification Processes, and Related Import Restrictions.


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