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Certification Type Approval Services & Certificate Renewals

Our LIMBO team of researchers will start and develop communication with regulatory authorities and telecommunication engineers, as well as identify the standards your product must conform to in any country you wish to access. With new technologies quickly entering the markets, regulatory authorities often don’t have the most updated version outlined in the regulations guide. In addition, international type approval regulations and standards are constantly changing which will cause information to be outdated within days. Our objective is to stay ahead of these regulations which will help you avoid costly mistakes. Our experts will give you up-to-date information on your product certification requirements.
What if your technological product doesn’t fit the criteria for approval in a specific country? No worries – our LIMBO team of regulatory engineers will work on your behalf with foreign governments to help your case in approval. LIMBO will work diligently with these authorities to get your product approved, aid in certification renewals, and documentation requests

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LIMBO offers a full spectrum of services during the type approval process:

A consultancy service will help you to:

  • Certification Type Approval Services & Certificate Renewals
  • Certification Holder Services (Local Representative Services)
  • Sample Concierge Services, Importation, and Safety Issues
  • Translation Service

Certification Holder Service (Local Representative Services)

Manufacturers choose to expand their products to additional countries due to increasing sales opportunities. After distribution negotiation is finalized and the certification process is under review, manufacturers learn that some countries require the type approval certificate to be in the name of a local applicant or local representative. The reason for a local applicant requirement is to ensure that there will be a single point of contact within the country if the regulatory body must contact the manufacturer. It is much easier for communication to occur between a local company and the regulator, in which the local applicant will have the burden of facilitating communication between the parties involved.

LIMBO has affiliated local representatives which can act as your point of contact within the desired country. These entities will have the certificate issued in their name, which avoids the need to get importers involved in the certification process. Since we are the “importer/distributor,” we will authorize any importer or distributor the rights to use the certificate held by our network of providers. For most countries, this allows the manufacturer to have control of the certificates and not rely on an importer for this service. Knowing that your certificates are managed by LIMBO will give you a piece of mind.

Sample Concierge Services, Importation, & Safety Issues

LIMBO works with clients that demand high levels of security while obtaining International Market Access. This demand for privacy has allowed LIMBO to create services to minimize the opportunity of leaks during the product type approval process. If your product requires maximum security, LIMBO provides a concierge service which involves our team obtaining your product samples from the manufacturers’ location and providing safe transport of the product to the international testing facility. The product will never be out of LIMBO’s control from beginning to end. Don’t worry about the security of your samples during testing, let LIMBO manage the sample protection on your behalf

Our Approval Homologation and Certifications

With our team of experts and extensive understanding, we provide services to reduce your time-to-market. By helping you understand the complexities of regulatory risks, meet governmental approvals, and acquire the necessary certifications, we help you introduce your product to the market – easy and fast.


Each country within North America has its own unique process for product Approvals.


Each country within Central America has its own unique process for product Approvals.


Each country within South America has its own unique process for product Approvals.


Each country within the Caribbean Islands has its own unique process for product Approvals.

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As a world leader in regulatory compliance requirements in Latin America, LIMBO Corporation Group LATAM, is your trusted partner for approvals in Latin America. We bring the ultimate services in Product Testing and Approvals, Labeling Requirements, Certification Processes, and Related Import Restrictions.

Our team of experts provide you with full assistance

From approval requirements up to the importation of your products. We help you understand what you need and don’t need.

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