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The National Communications Authority of Argentina, has implemented significant changes to RAMATEL’s labeling requirements, which came into effect on May 10, 2023.

Their objective is to improve the regulatory identification of approved equipment and ensure proper labeling in the market. The main modifications are detailed below:

  • Accessing electronic labeling:
    This measure allows users to easily obtain the necessary instructions to access the electronic label, in case this option has been chosen for the labeling of the equipment.
  • Labeling in the manual, quick start guides or packaging:
    It is now allowed to print the labeling on the user manual, quick start guide and/or the corresponding packaging.
  • Labeling on vehicles with approved devices:
    In cases where regulatory identification is not visible, the corresponding marking is required to be printed on the manuals and documents accompanying the vehicle. In addition, there is the option of publishing this marking on the official website of the vehicle manufacturer or importer.

The full text of the document you can find HERE.

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