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Changes Conformity Assessment Procedure for Telecommunications Equipment The Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) has recently revised the Conformity Assessment Procedure in the field of telecommunications and broadcasting equipment. Revised document was officially released on December 27, 2021.

The key changes are:

IFT grants the right to include to the certificate of conformity not only affiliates and subsidiaries of the manufacturer but also Local importers or distributors. This decision will help to reduce the costs and time for getting certificate of conformity for importers;

IFT has amended requirements to test reports.

1) Testing labs are responsible send test reports to IFT. However, IFT reserve the right to request labs to share test reports if any.

2) Validity of test reports is changed from 60 to 120 days. These amendments are aimed to maintaining confidence and to prevent a problem arising from a situation when the test report loses its validity during the respective homologation process;

Expansion of the Certificate of Conformity in the “Sample by Product Model and Monitoring for Multiple Lots” scheme, (Scheme 2) is possible through document verification as no new test reports are required.;

Unless specific recommendations are made, the sample size is reduced to 1 for schemes 1 (single batch), 2 (multiple batch) and 4 (devices including modules). Scheme 3 (Family Approval) requires a sample of two different models

Non-new, pre-owned products will be subject to Conformity Assessment Procedure.

The amendments become effective from June 25, 2022.

The full text of the document you can find HERE.

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