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The document seeks to improve the administration and management of the radio electric spectrum. Comments and contributions from the public are expected. 

With the objective of allowing Peruvians access to high quality services in the country, which help create opportunities for economic development and improve the quality of life of citizens, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) published the National Frequency Allocation Plan (PNAF) updated to 2023, in order to receive comments and suggestions. 

This PNAF update includes the frequency bands needed for the development of mobile technologies such as 4G and 5G, high altitude platforms (HAPS), use of TV white spaces (TVWS), improving wireless coverage in the home (WiFi-6E) and much more. 

The PNAF published, through Ministerial Resolution N°0597-2023-MTC/01.03, is open to comments and contributions from the general public for a period of 10 calendar days, which can be sent to the e-mail info.dgprc@mtc.gob.pe.

    The full text of the document you can find HERE.

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